Davina Candle

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Davina is our woman candle.

She is beautiful and strong - just like you! 

She is approximately 100g in weight, and will burn for approximately 1 hour. She is 9cm tall - petite and beautiful! We recommend using her as a display piece, however if you burn her she will smell divine! Remember to place her on a small saucer or plate prior to burning. A little tip - so you don’t waste wax, once the flame burns out on your candle let the wax harden. Take the leftover wax and place in a wax melt burner and you will get many more hours of fragrance from her!


Please note: as this is a natural wax based candle, minor imperfections are perfectly normal. It makes her unique! Little spots, frosting, or other minor imperfections will not affect the burn, this shows you are using a beautiful hand made natural wax candle - embrace it! 

Made with love by Mara Cuya Candle Co