Friendship Bundle

Friendship Bundle

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a state of enduring affection, esteem, intimacy, and trust between two people. ... It is recognised by both members of the relationship and is characterised by a bond or tie of reciprocated affection.

Here’s to the sisters, besties, girl squads and BFF’s!

Treat them to a gift bundle designed just for them, a gift to say thank you in the most thoughtful of ways. 

What's inside our "Friendship Bundle"?

- Love Natural Perfume

Petite organic rosebuds immersed in a botanical blend of rose geranium and bergamot essential oils. Well known for their gentle aromas that are feminine, floral and fruity with a hint of spice.

Your friend is going to love wearing this beautiful aroma.

- Friendship Body Moisturising Candle

A great gift for your bestie and gal pals, with a beautiful sweet coconut & lime scent. This candle has the definition of friendship printed on the label to show your intended giftee just how much you mean to them.

- Watermelon Hydrating Scented Hand Cream 100ml

These Australian Made Hydrating Hand Creams are free from parabens, artificial colours, silicone and propylene glycol. Enriched with Shea and Cocoa Butter.

A hand bag necessity, your friend will love having this beautiful hand cream nearby.