Daisy Heat Pack

Daisy Heat Pack

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Soothe aches and pains and keep cosy with this 100% Natural Heat pack.

No harmful ingredients, just rice and dried lavender for a lovely touch of natural fragrance. These heat packs are reusable, eco-friendly and non-toxic. They make cute and thoughtful gifts that your friends and family will love!

- Microwave for 40 seconds - 1 minute to achieve desired temperature
- Carefully remove from microwave and shake around to disperse the heat evenly
- Perfect for relief from aching muscles, period pain, rheumatoid arthritis, sports injuries or simply as a hand or bed warmer

- Store in an airtight bag in the freezer so it can be used as a cool compress
- Perfect for headaches, swelling, sore eyes and to keep cool in summer.

The addition of dried lavender creates a beautiful scent and promotes calmness and stress relief.

CAUTION: Do not overheat. Do not leave unattended when microwaving. May cause burns.

♡ Handmade with love by SunBee 

14 x 29cm