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Calm Natural Perfume

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Delicate organic chamomile flowers immersed in a botanical blend of chamomile, mandarin and lavender which are well known for their calming aromas that are subtle, warm, woody and sweet.

Take a delightful stroll through an Australian paddock during a balmy summer evening as the sun sets on golden daisies.
Apply to pulse points on wrists and neck to calm your soul.

100% natural plant-based ingredients:
Organic fractionated coconut oil (unscented), pure essential oils of
chamomile, mandarin and lavender with organic chamomile flowers.

Hand-crafted with love and intention
Made in Brisbane, Australia by Botanicals Australia

Customer Reviews

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A Must Have!!

I pop this beauty on every morning before work and through out the day and find it really works for me. I am keen to try a few others in this range.